Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Oasis

Decks are an excellent way to unwind after a hard day or to enjoy the company of friends and family. Most are open to all the elements of the weather including sun, rain, and wind. That’s not necessarily a bad thing until you get rain …

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Deck Design Tips for Your Outdoor Oasis

Enjoying the outdoors takes many shapes. For some, it is a hike in the mountains. For others, it is hanging out at the beach, and then there are the homebodies that love to stay in and have friends over for a cookout.Fun gatherings outside are …

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Knowing When You Need Deck Repair

Decks can be a beautiful addition to any home that can not only serve as functional living space, but also, that can help to increase your home’s value and curb appeal. However, decks can require a fair bit of maintenance, and occasionally, you may need …

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Some Clever Deck Construction Ideas to Consider

You can have your deck built to be so much more than just a basic rectangle outside of your home. A deck can, and should, provide you and your family with a comfortable, peaceful, and inviting space to relax and entertain. You should absolutely customize …

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Maintaining Decks In Moist or Damp Areas

Decks are among the most beneficial additions you can make to your property. Decks provide additional living space outdoors that can be used for recreation and entertaining when the weather permits it. Additionally, decks can prove to not only be functional, but can actually increase …

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Deck Repair: Your Deck Inspection Checklist

Having a deck means also having the responsibility of keeping it in good condition and preventing any unnecessary deck repairs from occurring. It only makes sense to want to protect your investment. Check out what a good deck inspection checklist should look like. Environment and Weathering …

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