Back-to-School Party Planning Ideas for Your Deck

Summer is winding down, and school is on the horizon. Soon, family schedules will be packed with football games, soccer practices, and club meetings. Before things get too overwhelming, it may be time to have a final ‘hoorah’ to bid summer farewell. What better way …

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Tips to Clean Your Deck before Your Labor Day Party

Summer is for being outdoors. It’s the best time for baseball and softball games, hiking, surfing, tennis, and barbeques. It wouldn’t be summer without firing up the grill and cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and other goodies after a fun day. The best place to gather …

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Keep Award-Winning Decks Beautiful for Life

Often when we think of a deck, we imagine a functional space to set our grills on. While that may be technically true, decks are much more than a barbecue area. These outdoor havens are opportunities to bring additional beauty to your property while still …

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