6 Tips to Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Private Getaway – Without Leaving Your Home

Homeowners understand and value the draw of their decks on their lives. These areas are utilized for parties, building relationships, and seeking out peace from a chaotic world. We love having an outdoor area for entertaining and living life in all its glory. Sometimes, however, our retreat doesn’t feel like one. It can seem stark and barren, especially when no other people are around to enjoy it.

Create a private getaway that will make you glad to stay home while the rest of the world rushes by. The trusted Berkeley deck builder, Schafer Construction, knows how to create the retreat that you are looking for. We use our decades of experience to build the perfect spot for you to decorate and make your own.

Useful Suggestions to Make Your Private Oasis

Your most worthwhile investment is the one that relieves daily stresses. Your deck will do that. Here are a few ideas to transform yours into a private oasis:

  1. Be Intentional with Your Seating. Entertaining is probably the most popular reason to build a deck. Look at your area and see where you can place seating. Consider an outdoor sectional lining two sides. Place a square table and a rechargeable lighted umbrella, and you will have a quaint corner for those opportunities for quiet conversations with guests.
  2. Use Double-Purpose Furniture. Storage is always at a premium, no matter if it is in the home or out on the deck. Choose items that can serve as seating and storage, such as benches, ottomans, and tables. You may even find a table or umbrella stand that serves as a drink cooler!
  3. Surround Your Deck with Plants. Add a natural touch that offers a bit of romantic privacy with foliage. Look for your favorite shrubs, ornamental grasses, flowers, and trees to surround your deck and create your secret garden.
  4. Think Vertically. Other options for privacy include vertical herb walls and curtains. If your area is small, then going upward is an option. You will love the smells outside and then enjoy the tastes of basil, oregano, and thyme in your dishes. Some herbs may help to repel insects like mosquitoes, so it helps to research dual-purpose plants.
  5. Define Space with Outdoor Rugs. One way to tie in an area and define it is to use an outdoor rug. You can add additional color by choosing a bold pattern to sit under your sofas and chairs. It will help draw the eye to a cozy setting ready for curling up with a good book.
  6. Think “Outdoor Living Room.” If you view your deck as an extension of your home, then what better way to create a retreat than by building an outdoor living room? Arrange your seating with coffee and end tables. Add some patio lighting, a glass of iced tea, and lean back to listen to nature. It beats the television any day.

Your Outdoor Getaway Starts with Schafer Construction

Push all your cares away when you head out to your private getaway in your backyard. The deck is the perfect place to slough off the day’s stresses or build relationships with family. Schafer Construction understands your needs and works with you to create that perfect place. Not only are we deck builders, but we also inspect and repair existing ones. Take advantage of our years of experience and invest in your family and your home.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs. 

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