Bridge Driveways in the Oakland California Hills

Designing a well-graded handsome driveway is one thing — incorporating a bridge into the design makes for a whole new ballgame. Sometimes, the only way to reach a home site is to build a bridge over a creek, stream, wetland, or gully. Planning an attractive …

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Building a Bridge Driveway: What to Know

Bridge Driveways If you live in the Oakland Hills, Montclair or Piedmont area, there’s a good chance that you will need a bridge driveway to reach your home. Bridge driveways allow you to have part of your home on the side with the street and …

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Building Bridge Driveways

Bridge Driveways One unique distinction of the Oakland Hill, Montclair, and Piedmont areas are that homes offer stunning hillside views thanks to meandering roads that weave throughout the hills and valleys of the region. Unfortunately, this uneven terrain often makes traditional construction difficult. Homes are …

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