Building a Bridge Driveway: What to Know

Bridge Driveways

If you live in the Oakland Hills, Montclair or Piedmont area, there’s a good chance that you will need a bridge driveway to reach your home. Bridge driveways allow you to have part of your home on the side with the street and part of your home on the side with the view. Let’s take a look at what building a bridge driveway involves.


Building a bridge driveway is one of those things that requires lots of careful and considerable planning to make sure that it’s done correctly. This includes the proper design, engineering, construction, and permitting. It involves great attention to detail to ensure that it’s built with the utmost quality and ability that’s needed for success.


In order for a bridge driveway to work, it is imperative that it has a good, strong foundation. Just like when you build a house, the foundation is carefully shaped and compacted first. Proper foundation will ensure that your bridge driveway is safe and protected against the elements.


When designing the layout of a bridge driveway, it’s important to take a look at things like the type of vehicles that will be crossing it, especially the width of the tires. This will help aid in the placement of the girders. The floor of the bridge needs to be bolted just right, not only for safety and durability but so that you will have a nice, smooth ride.


As with anything, bridge driveways will require a certain degree of maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking nice. Mother Nature sometimes has no mercy, so your bridge driveway will eventually start to decay, corrode, and crumble unless you maintain it correctly.

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