Expert Bridge Driveway Construction and Repair for Homes in Montclair and the East Bay Hills

Many homes in Montclair and the East Bay Hills are reached via a bridge driveway, which allows a home to have its garage on the street side and the the family room and deck on the view side of the home. Because certain locations throughout the Bay Area are damp environments, bridge driveways need to be constructed and maintained to meet this challenge. Schafer Construction specializes in this type of building, and we have constructed elevated decks and bridge driveways throughout the region for decades.

At Schafer Construction, we pride ourselves on our expertise in bridge driveway and elevated deck construction in the East Bay Hills area. From bridge driveway repair to ground up reconstruction, we can deliver. We provide all the required design, engineering, permitting, and construction expertise for your home. You can trust our attention to detail, pristine build quality, and ability to customize for your projects success. Rely on our expertise to save your bridge driveway instead of replacing it. And if replacement is necessary, we are the right choice for you.

In the end, don’t forget what this project is all about: providing a safe, reliable, and long-lasting bridge driveway to access your home. No matter how the bridge driveway is built, it is still subject to the weather. You can rely on Schafer Construction to design and build the best bridge driveway for your home.

Bridge Driveway Design and Construction

Schafer Construction’s detailed approach to repairing and replacing bridge driveways ensures each project is managed with unparalleled care and expertise. Our design-build process includes:

  1. Design/engineering – We begin by drafting detailed architectural and structural engineering plans for your bridge driveway to comply with current building code requirements. Most city/county building departments require these for repairs to bridge driveways.
  2. Permitting and approvals – Once all plans have been approved, they are submitted to the building department for permitting. Any additional requirements from the building department are addressed swiftly to avoid delays.
  3. Material selection – We help you choose suitable materials for the bridge driveway based on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and cost. Common materials for bridge driveways include concrete and wood.
  4. Construction preparation – We work with you prior to starting any work to assure there are no issues with you or your neighbors regarding areas for storing materials/construction equipment, placement of construction toilets, parking etc.
  5. Foundation work – Any required repairs to the existing foundation or the addition of new piers, etc. are completed by strictly adhering to the structural engineering plans and building codes. Multiple engineering inspections are performed throughout the process to ensure the longevity of your new bridge driveway.
  6. Bridge assembly – We construct the bridge according to the approved design plans. This may include the installation of trench drains to manage the flow of water runoff from your bridge driveway to keep water from entering your home. Our team will ensure that all connections are secure and that the bridge is structurally sound.
  7. Surface finishing – Once the bridge structure is in place, we finish the surface to ensure it is suitable for driving. This may involve installing a waterproof membrane and pouring a concrete slab or installing wood planking designed for vehicular traffic.
  8. Final inspection and walkthrough – We conduct a final inspection of the bridge driveway to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards. Once the new bridge driveway is completed and the permits are signed off from the building department, we conduct a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is done to your absolute satisfaction.

Learn More About Our Bridge Driveway Services

Ready to enhance your home’s accessibility and curb appeal? Contact Schafer Construction today for expert bridge driveway design, reconstruction, and repair services. Let us bridge the gap to your dream home.

“For such a large, complex project the execution was remarkably smooth and we couldn't be happier with the way the decks turned out. I recommend Schafer unconditionally for deck remodels, especially if you have a complex project.”

Nathaniel S.
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“For such a large, complex project the execution was remarkably smooth and we couldn't be happier with the way the decks turned out. I recommend Schafer unconditionally for deck remodels, especially if you have a complex project.”

Nathaniel S.

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