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Community Involvement

For 21 years now, Schafer Construction, Inc. has been actively involved in Rebuilding Together Oakland (formerly, Christmas in April). Rebuilding Together Oakland, or RTO, works collaboratively with community partnerships to rehabilitate properties owned by low-income homeowners. RTO has also had…

Award winning decks

In January of 2017 Feeney, Inc. announced submission openings for its semi-annual photo contest. The Feeney photo contest is run twice a year and looks for photos that show Feeney products being used in interesting architectural designs, in beautiful settings or in unusual or…


Celebrating Your New Grad!

Graduation day is a type of rite of passage, especially for high school students. It marks the moment when youth ends, and adulthood begins. For parents, it can be a bittersweet day. Their baby has grown and is ready to enter the big world to pursue their dreams. Many families plan large parties to celebrate … Continue reading “Celebrating Your New Grad!”

Revamp Your Outdoor Space: 6 Tips for Bringing Your Deck Back to Life

Even in the mild climate of the Bay area, decks take a bit of a beating during the winter months. Often, homeowners don’t head outside as often as they do in the warmer months. If you have left your outdoor oasis to weather the cooler months, it’s time to bring some life back into it. … Continue reading “Revamp Your Outdoor Space: 6 Tips for Bringing Your Deck Back to Life”