Decks for Life

Deck Maintenance Program to maintain the integrity of your Schafer Construction built deck in the Oakland Hills

“Decks for Life” is a unique decking maintenance program developed by Schafer Construction for the sole purpose of protecting our valued clients against any future deck repair costs and/or replacement of their deck. This exclusive service provides periodic inspections for deck construction and deck repair completed by Schafer Construction for properties in Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco in the Bay area.

This invaluable deck inspection service increases the longevity of your deck. One could compare this service to going to the doctor or the dentist for a check-up. Our licensed deck builders perform this inspection for one of the most valuable components of your home, your deck.

The following are just a few examples of conditions we check with our deck inspection checklist:

  • How your deck is weathering. Decks will naturally weather over time, but how they are weathering can be of concern.
  • Debris collecting between the decking boards. Over time debris can collect between the decking boards and break down to form what we call sponges. Each sponge can absorb the moisture from fog and/or rain and become a source of decay. Contrary to myth, maintenance free decking is not immune to this problem. Composite decking materials can also be affected by excessive moisture conditions.
  • What is the condition of the deck due to its local environment? Is your deck in a relatively dry environment? Is your deck exposed to the sun or mostly shade? If shade, is the shade from trees? Is your deck subjected to a considerable amount of moisture from fog and/or rain?
  • Are there signs of the beginning stages of decay (surface fungus), or is decay already present? If decay is present, at what stage is the decay? We are able to monitor the progression of the infection with our periodic deck inspections.
  • How is the hardware holding up? Examples of deck hardware are the bolts which hold the deck guardrail system in place and the fasteners which hold the large steel brackets together connecting the deck framing components. Since the majority of decks are constructed with a large percentage of wood, decks naturally expand and contract. Since we know the wood is constantly moving, so can the hardware. The hardware and fasteners should be checked periodically to ensure the structural integrity of your deck. Wooden deck repair costs can quickly climb if the deck’s structural integrity is suddenly lost.

All these conditions have different adverse effects on your deck and require consistent deck care and maintenance to avoid costly deck repairs.

After building and repairing decks in the Bay Area for over 30 years, we’ve accumulated a lot of experience in safe and sturdy wooden deck repair. Because of that experience, very few people or companies know how to repair a deck as well as we do. That’s why we saw a need to provide a proactive decking maintenance service to assist property owners in protecting their deck, one of the most valuable components of their home.

We know wood deck repair can be costly, so we are proud to offer our construction services that benefit our clients. We are proud our clients choose to put their trust in our company to provide this valuable service in maintaining longevity in the life of their deck. This is just one component of how we build “Decks for Life”.

We service areas in the San Francisco Bay Area including Oakland, San Mateo, San Leandro, Fremont, and other areas. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our Contact page and filling out the form.