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Everyone enjoys a great deck. Gathering with family and friends on a beautiful outdoor deck is relaxing and fun. In addition, a deck can increase your home’s living area. New home construction cost in the San Francisco Bay Area can be in excess of $400 – $500 per sq. ft., depending on location and finishes. However, deck construction costs for a wood deck can be significantly less.

The return on your deck construction investment will vary according to the area in which you live. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where construction costs are generally higher than other parts of California, decks are more expensive to build. However, the return on investment is also higher, based on the fact, that in many areas of the temperate Pacific West, the outdoor living season is virtually year-round, making a deck a solid investment.

If your home already has a deck, then the investment in deck reconstruction can be a great value. Repairing your deck or adding deck features will improve your enjoyment of this great outdoor space.

Deck construction is one of the most worthwhile of all home improvement projects. It returns an average of  approximately 80% of the original investment — one of the highest values of any home investment. Schafer Construction specializes in new deck construction and reconstruction of existing decks at ANY height. If your deck is 4 or 40 feet high, our capabilities assure that your project is in the right hands. Schafer Construction builds “Decks for Life!”

A Schafer Construction elevated wood with cable railings deck project is featured in the JLC: The Journal of Light Construction.
This elevated wood deck project is built 20 feet in the air. In addition, we used Feeney Architectural Cable Railings of the front and side decks which correspond with rear deck. This deck project is Schafer Construction’s entry for the 2017 Feeney Inc. Photo Contest and received honorable mention.

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