Siding/Windows & Doors

New Siding, Window, and Door Construction and Repair in the Oakland Hills

Siding/Windows & DoorsIn many cases during the process of repairing or replacing decks, balconies and bridge driveways, we encounter various issues with adjacent siding, windows and doors. Whether it is improperly installed flashing on an old window or door which is leaking and has caused damage to your home, or it has simply reached the end of its useful lifespan, Schafer Construction can handle any type of repair issues we encounter during your project.


Siding/Windows & DoorsOften times you may already be considering a replacement of your siding, windows and doors to compliment your new deck. As a design/build company, Schafer Construction can help you design a stunning and cohesive look, so those improvements will bring the highest return on your investment for your enjoyment, or when it comes time to refinance or sell your home.

No matter what kind of home you have, new siding, windows and doors will add comfort and give your home an updated look and feel, while putting money back in your pocket through decreased energy bills and added home value.