Bridge Driveways

Expert Bridge Driveway Construction and repair in the Oakland Hills

Many homes in the Oakland hills, Montclair and Piedmont are reached via a bridge driveway. Bridge Driveways allow a home to have its garage on the street side and the home with the family room and deck on the view side of the home. Because the Oakland hills are a damp environment, bridge driveways need to constructed and maintained to meet this challenge. Schafer Construction specializes in this type of building. The have constructed high decks and bridge driveways all over the Oakland hills.

Schafer Construction prides itself on its experience in bridge driveway and high deck construction in the Oakland hill area. We can deliver from bridge driveway repair to ground up construction. We provide all the required design, engineering, permitting, and construction expertise for your home. You can trust our attention to detail, pristine build quality and ability to customize for your projects success.

Rudi Schafer, the owner and President of Schafer Construction will personally visit your home and provide a detailed estimate for your bridge driveway project. He will supervise the crews as well. Because Schafer Construction wants to ensure the success and consistency of your home’s project, all our employees are real employees and not day workers.

In the end, don’t forget what this project is all about; providing a safe, reliable, and long lasting means for the driveway to access your home. That no matter how the bridge is built, it is still subject to the weather. You can rely on Schafer Construction to design and build the best bridge driveway for your home in the Oakland hills, Montclair or Piedmont. Call us today for a free estimate.

Rely on our expertise to save your bridge driveway instead of replacing it. Even when replacement is necessary we are the right choice for you.