Happy Valentine’s Day – Dinner on the Deck

February 14th is a day for love. Many couples spend hundreds of dollars on fancy dinners, flowers, and weekend getaways. Some even spend more to buy a diamond and get down on one knee for a memorable marriage proposal. You don’t have to spend too …

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Back-to-School Party Planning Ideas for Your Deck

Summer is winding down, and school is on the horizon. Soon, family schedules will be packed with football games, soccer practices, and club meetings. Before things get too overwhelming, it may be time to have a final ‘hoorah’ to bid summer farewell. What better way …

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Tips to Clean Your Deck before Your Labor Day Party

Summer is for being outdoors. It’s the best time for baseball and softball games, hiking, surfing, tennis, and barbeques. It wouldn’t be summer without firing up the grill and cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and other goodies after a fun day. The best place to gather …

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Outdoor Living—All Decked Out!

Spring is here! It’s time to prep your property for the new season. Should a deck be part of those preparations? How do you decide what type of deck will suit your property? Homeowners who have decks celebrate and value the freedom they have when …

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How Do You Host a Memorable Outdoor Party?

We love summer. There is something carefree about the season. Maybe it is the beach parties with spontaneous songs around a fire. Perhaps you have more opportunities to head out to the lake and enjoy the beauty of Northern California. You might be the type …

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Holiday Deck Decorating Ideas

Our outdoor havens do much for us. They provide places for relaxation, contemplation, and entertainment. We may not think much about our decks and the joy they bring during the holidays since we often relegate them to summer barbeques. This holiday season, however, you can …

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