Planning for a New Deck This New Year

Some homeowners look at their deck as a party pad. They invite family and friends to enjoy good food and make lasting memories. Others look at their deck as a haven to find relief from everyday stress. They grab a favorite book and a beverage …

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How to Prep Your Deck to Use All Winter Long

Decks are often considered to be the most useful when the weather is at its best. Many homeowners perform fall maintenance and then put their backyard haven down for a long winter’s nap. No more dinners under the stars or cozying up with a good …

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How to Create a Staycation Haven in Your Backyard

Summertime travels are a fun part of life. Choosing a destination, planning the route, packing up, and heading out, add to the anticipation of an adventure. Some frustrations also, unfortunately, come with going on vacation, such as missed flights, lost baggage, and crowded vacation spots. …

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Celebrating Your New Grad!

Graduation day is a type of rite of passage, especially for high school students. It marks the moment when youth ends, and adulthood begins. For parents, it can be a bittersweet day. Their baby has grown and is ready to enter the big world to …

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How to Plan for Your New Deck

Decks enhance the look and feel of a home, and its property value. The best part is that they give you a place to entertain friends or relax in private with a good book and a refreshing tea. The best part is that the Internet …

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Avoid a Flood with Trench Drain Maintenance

When you have a gorgeous view on the backside of your Montclair home, you may think you are reaching the heavens. Life always seems better from a deck. They are extensions of our homes – places to relax, kick back, and decompress after a long …

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