Keep Your Deck Warm for a New Year’s Celebration Outdoors!

There is nothing better than sitting on your deck and enjoying a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine. Unless it is the coldest night of winter and your teeth are chattering from the wind. Your outdoor haven now seems less inviting. Dreams of having holiday parties and ringing in the New Year may fade, but they don’t have to. You can enjoy many cooler evenings outside when you hire an experienced deck builder in Orinda. They can create the haven you crave and offer solutions for keeping things toasty.

9 Options for Heating Your Deck this Winter

You have many options for heating your deck area so that you and your family can sit outside even on chilly evenings. Here are nine to get you started:

  1. Overhead: This heater is often installed between pergola rafters or hanging from a porch ceiling. This is a good choice when you want to heat a large area. Your guests can sit and visit in comfort.
  2. Wall-Mounted: The idea is similar to an overhead unit, but a wall-mounted heater is mounted on a house or privacy wall instead of hanging from the ceiling. Generally, they are placed about 6 feet high and offer comfort without obstructing sunshine.
  3. Floor Standing: You still get warmth from above, but this heating option is not mounted on anything. You enjoy a large area for heat and can move it as needed.
  4. Tabletop: Often designed as a lamp, this heater sits on your table and heats you and your guests while you are enjoying dinner or drinks. It is intended for use in the middle of your table and helps keep your hands and face warm.
  5. Heated Floor Mat: When you want to sit outside, but your feet tend to get too cold, look to a heated floor mat. It won’t provide a lot of heat but can keep the chill off your feet.
  6. Wind Wall: Stop the wind from blowing across your deck and freezing everyone. It won’t technically heat your area, but it will reduce the wind, which makes temperatures feel colder than they are.
  7. Reflective Wall: Utilize the sun’s rays by trapping and reflecting the heat with a reflective wall made of wood or tinted glass.
  8. Rugs and Blankets: For those days when you only need a little warmth, rugs and blankets may be just the thing. Rugs will keep some of the cold from emanating from the deck, and a blanket is always a snuggly option.
  9. Hot Tub: Have you been eyeing a hot tub? They make a great addition to your deck and offer many benefits besides heat. Family bonding and stress relief are two welcome advantages to consider.

Enjoy the Winter Outdoors on Your Deck Built by Schafer Construction

You don’t have to stop enjoying your deck because it is winter. Instead, consider how you can bring some heat to your oasis. The team at Schafer Construction can build you a brand new deck or repair an existing one and install reflective walls and pergolas. We have decades of experience building, repairing, and inspecting decks. We understand the joy they bring homeowners all year long. Contact us to build your new deck in Orinda.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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