Planning a Halloween Party? Book a Deck Inspection

With Autumn comes fun and festivities. We all understand that the holiday season comes with the calendar turning from September to October. Halloween is one of the holidays that people enjoy decorating and getting dressed up for. If you drive down a neighborhood street, you can spot those who love this time of year. They will have inflatable jack-o-lanterns, spooky ghosts, and orange ambiance lighting. They probably have the best candy on the block, too. If you are that homeowner, you are already planning your next Halloween party. While deciding on the menu and guest list, be sure to book a deck inspection by qualified deck contractors for your Montclair home. A professional inspection ensures you and your guests are not scared away because of an accident from loose boards that squeak and potentially cause slips and falls.

Benefits of Regular Deck Inspections

We often think of our decks as an extension of our homes. We use them as places to relax, eat, and socialize. We sometimes forget that they are subject to wear and tear. Regular deck inspections ensure everyone remains safer when using these outdoor spaces. Here are a few reasons why you should set up regular inspections:

  1. Ensures safety of all users: The last thing you want to happen is to have grand aunt Ethel stumble and fall because of a loose board. Inspections look at the boards, railings, stairs, ledger boards, and flashings. The goal is to ensure the structure is safe for everyone who uses it.
  2. Identifies damage and defects before they become a big problem: Professional inspectors have an eye for spotting the slightest defect. They are trained to see a potential issue before it becomes a more extensive and costly problem.
  3. Saves you money and time: When defects are found early, you can get them repaired before they become an expensive repair. No one wants to cancel their party plans because they neglected to fix their deck in time.

What an Inspector Looks For

When you call a deck contractor to inspect your outdoor haven, they will assess many different areas and give you a report. Common issues that they look for include:

  1. Warped, rotting, or cracked boards.
  2. Inadequate flashing and improper attachment to your home.
  3. Loose or rusted fasteners.
  4. Wobbly railings and stairs.
  5. Wear and damage to the structure that can be a safety issue.

Hire an Experienced Deck Contractor for Your Montclair Backyard Party Oasis

Keep the good times rolling with a deck inspection by an experienced deck contractor in Montclair. Schafer Construction provides top-notch inspections and minimizes future repair costs through our ‘Decks for Life” maintenance program. Our team ensures you get the most life from your backyard oasis with inspections, expansions, and new builds. We love to help our clients enjoy their outdoor havens and have done so for over 30 years. Contact us today for all your deck installation, repair and maintenance needs.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Montclair and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck building, inspections, repair needs, and remodels.

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