Avoid a Flood with Trench Drain Maintenance

When you have a gorgeous view on the backside of your Montclair home, you may think you are reaching the heavens. Life always seems better from a deck. They are extensions of our homes – places to relax, kick back, and decompress after a long day. One aspect of a house with an elevated deck is the hill upon which everything resides. Another part of a home in the hills is the bridge driveway typical to this area. They are the connection from your garage on the street to your haven. Common to these bridge driveways are trenches that keep water from flowing back into your garage. Winter is the perfect time to clean out those drains to avoid potential damage from water overflow. If damage occurs to your residence, enlist the services of a premier deck contractor in Montclair.

Benefits to Regular Trench Drain Maintenance

You understand the importance of cleaning your gutters. If they clog, water can overflow onto the ground beneath. If the water remains around your foundation, it invites termites. While a drain may not hasten a termite infestation, it can cause severe damage to your garage. Here are some advantages of keeping those drains cleaned:

  1. Keeps Water Out of the Garage: Rain must not find its way into your garage. Any time your grates get clogged with leaves, pine needles, or any kind of debris, you are inviting a flood where your prized wheels should sit. A trench drain whisks the water away, allowing the inside of your garage to remain dry.
  2. Ensures Water Goes Where it is Supposed to: Imagine the rainy season. Sheets of rain coming down and flowing across your elevated deck and bridge driveway. Now envision that water running into the trench drain and away from your garage and home. Much better picture, right?
  3. Reduced Chance of Fungus and Decay: Water encourages fungus growth. When debris is allowed to build up between deck boards and drains, you risk decay setting in. Your backyard haven will be at risk of a premature remodel unless you keep water from building up.

Homeowners who do not recognize how critical a clear drain is, run the risk of preventable damage. Garages do not always have waterproofing like homes do, so you can quickly see the effects of damage. Decks will age prematurely, requiring a qualified deck contractor to rectify the situation. In short, prevention by regular cleaning prevents a pound of cure.

Expert Deck and Trench Repair by Schafer Construction

Keep water away from your garage when you conduct regular drain maintenance. If you do have water damage, seek out the services of Schafer Construction. For over 30 years, we have served homeowners across the Bay area with various styles of decks, elevated decks, and bridge driveways. As an experienced deck contractor, we know what it takes to keep your family safe on your outdoor haven. We understand the problems that come from the moist environment and strive to ensure your structures are sturdy.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Montclair and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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