Don’t DIY Your Deck – Hire a Qualified Orinda Deck Builder Instead

Television and online videos offer many types of entertainment and opportunities to increase your knowledge. Media can also give you great ideas for decorating, cooking new recipes, and completing home improvements. This information may be helpful, but some home projects should be left to professionals. For example, it is wise to hire a qualified and knowledgeable deck builder to construct your new outdoor haven. The right company will make life much easier for you while providing a valuable service.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Deck Builder

Before you grab a hammer, nails, and some 2×4 boards, consider these five reasons you should hire a professional deck builder in Orinda:

1. Saves You Time: Unless you have built decks a few times before, hiring a professional builder gives you access to the skills and focus required to finish the job quickly and efficiently. They can give you a timeline for completion that will be much quicker than if you had to do it. They don’t have to spend weekends and evenings after work, measuring, cutting, and nailing as you would. Instead, you can enjoy a cool beverage while they do the heavy lifting.

2. Owns the Right Tools: Not all homeowners have a workshop or garage filled to the brim with power tools fit for deck building. Professional contractors understand the importance of having everything ready to begin a project, including materials and tools. Not to mention, they have the expertise to handle everything in between.

3. Knows How to Get the Proper Permits: Each municipality has a set of rules that must be followed when making improvements on your property. That means obtaining permits for building any structure, including your new deck. If you have never applied for a permit, consider yourself lucky. The process can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what to expect. An expert knows the channels required to get approval. This includes plan submission, surveys, property forms, and paying the fees associated with building any structure.

4. Builds to Code: Building a safe deck should be the highest priority for any homeowner. That is where an experienced deck builder knows how to make the structure correctly and to government codes. When they have completed the job, you will have a safe haven for your entire family to enjoy.

5. Saves You Money: If you pay someone to build your deck, how does that save you money? By hiring a professional to come in, you won’t have to worry about purchasing tools, spending extra money because of a mistake, or underestimating how much material you need. They bring their own tools and the knowledge to complete the project correctly the first time.

Don’t DIY Your Deck – Choose a Reliable Professional Deck Builder in Orinda

Save yourself time, money, and heartache when you choose Schafer Construction as your preferred deck builder. We have over three decades of experience building decks, sky bridges, and much more. Look to us to create the wooden haven of your dreams!

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck building, inspection, repair needs, and remodels.

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