Seasonal Deck Maintenance Tips – Enjoy the Beauty of Fall Outdoors

September through November is a time of fun festivities and family enjoyment. Inviting friends to enjoy conversation over warm beverages under the stars offers opportunities to socialize in a refreshing way. However, many homes across Montclair have seen deck construction that is over twenty years old. In that time, these decks have been danced on, sat upon, and sunbaked. They have helped build memories while offering a safe place to gather. Needless to say, age does catch up, and deterioration can set in. When was deck construction completed at your Montclair home? More importantly, when was the last time you called in a professional for a detailed deck inspection? The end of summer is an excellent time to schedule routine maintenance and ‘fall-proof’ your deck.

How to Make Your Deck Safer for Gatherings – A Fall Maintenance Checklist

You and your family can avoid accidents that threaten this fun time of year. Before you schedule your next event, take the time to ensure your deck is ready for the festivities. Use this checklist to ensure your outdoor haven is in tip-top shape:

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection before you get to the rest of the checklist. This means looking for loose fasteners and deck boards, checking for mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and loosened railings. A complete inspection from a qualified deck builder ensures that your oasis is set and ready for more entertaining during the fall season. They will inspect your ledger board and check for rotten boards, popped nails, and wobbly railings and steps.
  2. Dirt and stains build up on the deck boards and railings throughout the year, but more so in heavy use months over the summer. To prevent excessive wear, remove all furniture, planters, and other items, and carry out a thorough cleaning.
  3. Any discoloration from water, furniture, plants, or UV rays indicates it is time to re-stain the wood. Choose a high-quality product to restore the fibers’ color, tone, and finish.
  4. Prevent mold and mildew build-up by applying a sealant. It will also protect against cracking and splintering that happens when temperatures change, causing the wood to expand and contract.
  5. The foliage around your Montclair home’s deck not only adds beauty but can also contribute to wear. Overgrown bushes and trees encourage rotting, moss, and mold growth. Take time to trim back any nearby plants and remove any leaves that build up on the boards.

Hire a Reliable Deck Construction Team for Your Montclair Home

Know that you have a safe place to enjoy fall gatherings with friends and family when you hire the experienced team at Schafer Construction. We have helped homeowners across the Bay Area with deck building, repairs, and inspections for over thirty years. We will cover every inch, looking for weak spots, loose boards and fasteners, and mold growth. Our unique Decks for Life program helps you minimize future repair or deck replacement costs. We will even service your bridge driveway. Our goal is to ensure your deck is safe so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Before you schedule your next outdoor party, give us a call.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Montclair and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck building, inspection, repair needs, and remodels.

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