How Do You Host a Memorable Outdoor Party?

We love summer. There is something carefree about the season. Maybe it is the beach parties with spontaneous songs around a fire. Perhaps you have more opportunities to head out to the lake and enjoy the beauty of Northern California. You might be the type of person who prefers to entertain at home on your deck. These can be some of the best times for building relationships while nurturing your love for the outdoors. Finding an excellent deck builder near Piedmont is the first step in your quest for better outdoor spaces. The perfect outdoor haven makes all your other party plans much easier – even if you are hosting an intimate candlelight dinner for two.

5 Suggestions to Make Your Next Party Memorable

Planning a deck party doesn’t have to be difficult or overly complicated. Use a little creativity and inspiration from these tips, and you may find that your deck is everyone’s favorite place to be:

  1. Think Garden: Pick a color that matches or contrasts the landscape around your home, then choose some flowers and jars to enhance the theme. For example, choose shades of blue to complement the sapphire cushions on your furniture or red to set off the green of your trees and shrubs. Hang the jars above your table with a wooden frame. Place some candles in the jars, and enjoy the light show.
  2. Rearrange the Furniture: Sometimes, we use our wooden havens as extensions of our home. Consider how you can move the existing furniture into an intimate, informal layout. For example, you may center chairs around a coffee table or an outdoor chimney. It creates for your guests a familiar feeling while being in an unfamiliar place.
  3. Create a Play Area: When entertaining families, the kids will enjoy a place just for them to play. You may add a plastic sandbox or sand and water table in a corner where they can feel safe, and parents can keep an eye out.
  4. Create Shade with a Gazebo or Tent: Bring a fun vibe to your entertaining by adding a gazebo. Then include matching slipcovers and coordinating cushions in elegant patterns. You can even lay out a proper Victorian tea to complete the atmosphere.
  5. Bring in the Lights: You can do many things with lights. We mentioned using jars, but you can also use a sack with battery-operated tea lights to illuminate a path to your home. Utilize solar-powered outdoor lights of different shapes and sizes to create a magical ambiance.

Hire Piedmont’s Preferred Deck Builder – Schafer Construction

Enjoy outdoor entertainment when you choose Schafer Construction as your deck builder. Our team has many years of experience building and repairing decks across the Piedmont area. In addition, we offer many services to fit your needs, such as construction, maintenance, inspections, and work on bridge driveways. So before you plan your next party, give us a call!
Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Piedmont and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for their deck building, inspection, and repair needs.

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