Holiday Deck Decorating Ideas

Our outdoor havens do much for us. They provide places for relaxation, contemplation, and entertainment. We may not think much about our decks and the joy they bring during the holidays since we often relegate them to summer barbeques. This holiday season, however, you can do more than deck the halls. Branch out and add festive cheer to your deck with decorations and invite some family over for hot chocolate and cookies.

Be sure everyone can stay safe when you have your deck inspected by Schafer Construction. We will come in and thoroughly check all parts, including the deck boards, railings, and steps. Not only can we make repairs, but as a preferred deck builder in Berkeley, we can construct a new outdoor oasis for you to enjoy for years to come.

Suggestions to Decorate for the Holidays

Carrying the festive atmosphere outside to your deck ties together all aspects of your home. Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Outdoor Planters: Spruce up or add to your planters. Gather them into clusters, hang a few decorations around them, and place a few wrapped “presents” in the midst. Pick some artificial plants in decorated steel buckets to intersperse with your other plants. You may even want to get crafty and make a tree from terra cotta pots.
  • Railings: Wrap your railings in gorgeous garlands. When you think outdoors, you often think of coniferous trees, pine cones, and holly berries. Keep in mind that if your railing seems a little loose, it is a good idea to contact Schafer Construction for an inspection before you plan your first-holiday party.
  • Christmas Tree: You don’t have to leave the Christmas tree inside. Go ahead and dress up your outdoor haven with a tree or two or three. Remember, the lights add a festive touch, as do some ornaments. You can even string lights upon a reclaimed wooden Christmas tree.
  • Choose a Theme: Break out some of your snowman collection or design around the holiday colors with cushions, scarves, and blankets. You may decide to give in to your eclectic side and pull together vintage items accented with tree boughs, lights, and wrapped presents.
  • Cushions: For most of the year, you have probably used the same pillows on your outdoor furniture. Add some holiday cheer with new cushions of reds, greens, plaids, golds, silvers, and blues.
  • Blankets: Throw blankets make great accents, as well as being practical. Keep some lap blankets handy for those chillier evenings while you sit around an outdoor heater or fire.

Stop! Don’t Decorate Until You Call Schafer Construction for an Inspection

Ensure you and your family remains safe while entertaining on the deck during the holidays. Decorating will be no fun if a loose board causes Grandma to trip and hurt herself. However, we know how to slip in, make quick repairs, and get out of the way before you hang the first bits of tinsel. Need a new haven? Look no further. For more than 30 years, the team of deck builders at Schafer Construction has serviced the Berkeley area with inspections, repair work, and construction. We have the know-how to build you the deck of your dreams!

Call us for fast service today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck building, inspection, and repair needs.

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