Bridge Driveways in the Oakland California Hills

Bridge DrivewaysDesigning a well-graded handsome driveway is one thing — incorporating a bridge into the design makes for a whole new ballgame. Sometimes, the only way to reach a home site is to build a bridge over a creek, stream, wetland, or gully. Planning an attractive design is part of the process, but there’s more to a bridge driveway than simply an attractive outcome. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, including

  • contacting officials to determine what regulations govern the site you’re considering and obtaining a permit to build
  • considering the spans for the girders and deciding which part of the creek, brook, stream or wetland provides the best location for the bridge
  • determining flood level so that the bridge can be built far enough above flood level to ensure safe passage during times of heavy rains and flash flooding
  • designing and building the foundation which is usually built with poured concrete walls that are anchored with reinforcing steel pins into the bedrock to prevent the bridge from washing away in a flood
  • considering the width of the tires on vehicles that will be crossing the bridge, and procuring the correct sized steel girders to accommodate them
  • installing the steel girders and securing them with wedge anchors
  • installing the floor or base for paving to complete the bridge.

In the end, the primary objective is to build a bridge that is durable and reliable for years to come, ensuring not only an attractive finished product but a safe one too.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you can rely on Schafer Construction to build a safe and handsome bridge driveway for your home. We’ve been a premier choice for construction in the area for nearly three decades.  Contact us for more information about our services.



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