Bolster Your Bridge Driveway with a New Trench Drain

The Bay Area offers gorgeous scenery for homeowners to enjoy. Many garages are purposely built on the street side of the property so that the home can face the beautiful views. To reach your house, you need a sturdy structure that is correctly designed, including the proper run-off, so water doesn’t collect and cause damage.

Elevated driveways are the perfect solution, and the team at Schafer Construction knows how to design and build them correctly. Our crew has years of experience in the construction field. We understand the landscape and pride ourselves on creating structures that emphasize and maximize the beauty of the Bay Area. Depend on us to get you the bridge driveway or deck of your dreams.

Trench Drains and Why You Should Keep Up on Trench Drain Maintenance

Fall is an excellent time of year to conduct annual maintenance on your deck and bridge driveway. Before the rainy season hits, take some time to look over and clean out your trench drain. If things appear out of sorts, then call in the experts at Schafer Construction for repairs and new construction.

You may not consider your trench drain as an essential part of your driveway. They are built into the deck surface so that they sit right at the entrance to the garage between your bridge deck and garage. These obscure pieces of metal and plastic act like gatekeepers to the rest of your home. Without proper maintenance, you may have more damage than you bargained for. Here are a couple of other things you may not realize about your drain:

  • It Keeps Water Out of The Garage: Trench drains shed water coming off the driveway, thus keeping it from getting into your garage. If you do not keep them cleaned out or fix them when broken, then water can easily run into your garage, causing damage that can lead to mold growth and the structure weakening.
  • Debris Build Up Clogs Drains: When the rain and wind pick up, debris can easily blow onto your driveway. As it washes down, your trench drain whisks the water away as long as it does not get clogged with debris. With regular checking and maintenance, you can ensure these drains are working correctly. This is particularly vital to investigate before it starts raining and then throughout the season.
  • Clean your Homes Deck by Vacuum: You confront particular problems when it comes to cleaning your patio, deck, or lanai. There are several methods for cleaning your deck, including vacuuming, but a thorough vacuum cleaner review is required.

Prevent Major Damage to Your Home – Call Schafer Construction

Protect your home from the effects of water damage by ensuring your trench drain on your elevated driveway is in proper working order. Also, watch out for debris build-up. While you are at it, keep tabs on your driveway. Because the Bay Area has several damp places, your structures are susceptible to moisture and mold build-up.

Schafer Construction has spent over 30 years serving the community in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We can inspect, repair, and build bridge driveways that enhance your property while keeping you and your family safe.

Call us for fast service today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their bridge driveway construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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