Lumber Prices Have Risen! What Material Options Should I Consider for a New Deck?

Prices are rising across the United States, and it has affected every aspect of our lives, from groceries to real estate to the lumber you need for your deck. What should you do if you are ready for a deck, but the cost of wood has you back-pedaling on your decision? You have options that don’t involve cutting trees. Create your outdoor haven with a Berkeley area deck builder that provides quality workmanship with wood, composite, and other materials. Soon you will have the perfect place to sip a favorite beverage while reading a book or making memories with family and friends.

Material Options for Decks—Think Beyond Wood

Technological advances give us new materials with which to build our outdoor havens. Established deck builders in the Berkeley area will be able to build with the material you choose. If you are in the market for a new deck or want to replace your old one, consider these different material options besides wood:

  1. Composite Decking: Composites combine plastic and waste wood fibers to look like natural wood. They will not splinter and don’t need to be stained, as they have a built-in UV ray resistance. In general, this choice is a bit more expensive and heavier than the majority of wood options. You will need to scrub it regularly to prevent mildew. The boards respond to changes in temperature more readily than wood does. However, their longevity makes them an excellent choice. Some composite options give you the look of wood without all the splinters, such as:
    • Same texture on both sides – Choose options with the same wood texture on both sides, such as a smooth, double-sided finish or a wood-grain finish.
    • Different texture on both sides – Maybe you want options like a smooth and a wood-grain face or brushed and wood-grain. You may even want a serrated look on one side.
    • Engineered decking – Lighten the load of composite boards by choosing engineered boards with grooves on the underside.
    • Cool to the touch – Some versions have unique technology that doesn’t allow them to get too hot in full sun.
  2. Plastic Decking: PVC is for more than pipes; it can be used for your deck as well. It is a plastic that is environmentally safe, and it has no wood in it at all. This substance will likely last much longer than composite, is splinter-free, and requires virtually no maintenance outside of the occasional cleaning. The tradeoff is that this material doesn’t always look, sound, or feel much like wood.
  3. Polystyrene: This choice has deep grooves on the underside. It is stiff, strong, light, and non-slip. Another one of its benefits is that it looks like natural wood, even though it is plastic.
  4. Aluminum: This may be the least popular choice, but it is an ideal one. Aluminum is lighter, stronger, and resistant to mold, weather, and insects versus wood, composite, and vinyl. It is also currently the most expensive option on the list, but certainly worth the investment.

 Choose Schafer Construction as Your New Deck Builder in Berkeley

Take advantage of the different materials available to obtain the perfect backyard oasis for you and your family. Be sure to choose a qualified deck builder near your Berkeley home. Schafer Construction has over 20 years of know-how and experience to get the look you desire with different types of material. Learn more when you contact us today.

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