Deck Design Tips for Your Outdoor Oasis

Enjoying the outdoors takes many shapes. For some, it is a hike in the mountains. For others, it is hanging out at the beach, and then there are the homebodies that love to stay in and have friends over for a cookout.Fun gatherings outside are so much more exciting and convenient when a deck is in the mix. This platform offers sanctity after a busy week and community on game day. Most of us do not think much about what goes into designing a new entertainment location. With a little planning, you can have the sanctuary of your dreams!

Get the help you need for your new outside oasis when you work with Montclair’s trusted deck builder.Schafer Construction has helped homeowners across the Bay area create beautiful areas for relaxation and fun. Since 1988, we have made it our goal to provide the best, quality service at a fair price.

6 Suggestions for Designing Your New Deck

Consider these helpful design tips when building or rejuvenating your deck:

  1. Consider the Desired Use – Are you planning on much entertaining? Maybe you want a hideout to sneak away from the kids! Understanding what you will be using the deck for, gives you options and direction.
  2. Think About Scale – It is easy to let dreams grow as you imagine the time you can enjoy your new outside fun place. However, if it is too big in comparison to your home, it can look odd. Think about what makes sense for the structures on your property.
  3. Play with Different Designs – There are many free deck design tools you can play with online. You can make templates, download plans, and estimate costs.
  4. Make Sure the Style Matches Your House – Decks are extensions of our homes. Look for patterns and motifs that match your existing style. The organic flow will be a pleasure to enjoy during your parties. Work with your surroundings and terrain.
  5. Color Can Make the Difference – There are many components to building your haven. Each one provides an opportunity to enhance the look such as wood stains and paints. It can create a perfect background for your property.
  6. Add Features –Built-in benches, planters, and storage can make the most of the area. Remember to make room for ample seating and entertaining. These options will affect the size of your deck as well.

Create the Deck of Your Dreams with Assistance from Schafer Construction

Make the best haven for your family with a little design help from Schafer Construction. We specialize in elevated decks and have decades of experience in other areas of construction. As Montclair’s trusted deck builder, you can have the confidence in knowing your new structure will be beautiful and solidly built. Let our team of licensed professionals help you.

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