Planning Your Alamo Deck Construction in Fall/Winter? -Create a Dream Space to Enjoy Next Summer

Over time, a deck wears down. With UV rays beating down on the boards, eventually, the once gorgeous wood warps and fades. Weather can also cause dry rot and splintering. Railings become weak from having too many guests leaning on them. With the advent of fall, now is a fantastic time to move forward with constructing a new deck or refurbishing an old one. School is in full swing. Schedules are busy, leaving less time for parties outside. Imagine having a brand new outdoor oasis ready for the first breath of spring air!

Plan now for next year’s festivities when you begin deck construction on your Alamo home during the off-season. With a little preparation, you can take your outdoor porch from drab to fabulous, and the experienced team at Schafer Construction can help bring your dream to reality.

Questions to Ask When Planning Your Deck Construction

As you wind down for the season, remember to give your deck a good cleaning with quality products and a pressure washer. Do a quick inspection and look for signs of wear and tear. While you are at it, why not create your ideal retreat with these simple questions:

  1. How DoI Use My Deck? How Would I Like to Use It? These may be the most important questions you can ask. Do you enjoy entertaining frequently? Do you prefer quiet moments with just a handful of friends? Are you the neighborhood grill king or queen? You need the best size that fits your lifestyle needs.
  2. Where Should I Build the Deck? Think about where it would look best with your home’s layout and landscaping. You may want to center it or place it slightly offset to your patio door. Consider if you would like to have a multi-storied deck.
  3. How Big Do I Need It to Be? Determining how your new deck will be used and where it will need to be built will give you a guide for size. If you like to have parties, then you want plenty of room for tables, chairs and your grill. Different shapes can get you extra square footage for your needs.

Build Your Dream with Alamo’s Trusted Deck Builder

Take advantage of downtime and build a new deck or renovate your old one. Get the look you want and open next grilling season with a gorgeous outdoor haven. Since 1988, Schafer Construction has worked with homeowners in the Alamo and Montclair areas. Our licensed team is ready to help you get the look you want while staying within your budget.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their structural repair and construction needs. Let us bring your deck construction dreams to a new level on your Alamo home!

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