Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Oasis

Decks are an excellent way to unwind after a hard day or to enjoy the company of friends and family. Most are open to all the elements of the weather including sun, rain, and wind. That’s not necessarily a bad thing until you get rain on your barbeque. Then there are nosy neighbors inviting themselves into your quiet place. Instead of avoiding the outdoors, you can add elements of privacy to your outdoor oasis.

Use a little ingenuity to create a haven for your entire family. If you are looking to upgrade or build a new wooden retreat, reach out to Montclair’s choice of deck contractors at Schafer Construction. We have helped homeowners across the Bay area, design and create beautiful and functional decks for more than thirty years. When you want quality service at fair prices, look no further than Schafer.

6 Suggestions for Adding Privacy to YourRetreat

Scour the Internet to find more ideas than you have time to make your deck a beautiful and private retreat. We pulled together some ideas to get you started:

  1. Make Use of Fabrics –Imagine the possibilities of using fabric. Use a curtain rod to hang a painted drop cloth across your deck. The designs you can create might bring out the Picasso in you. A little PVC pipe and a bedsheet can create a freestanding privacy screen. For those with a chain link fence, you can hang a mesh windscreen to block onlookers.
  2. Buy or Make a Partition: Shutters are not just for windows. For example, you can take old shutters and tie them to a wire fence or attach them together with hinges to make a folding partition. You can even buy a divider made of wicker that is easy to move where you want it.
  3. Let Plants Bloom Where They May: Continue the outdoor theme by adding plants. Choose fast growing privacy trees to create an organic fence. Aim for an eclectic look by hanging potted plants on mesh bars. As the plants grow, your “fence” will blossom. You might even consider a non-invasive bamboo which will become thick and tall. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can purchase faux box hedges.
  4. Get aPop-Up Gazebo: Head down to your local store and find a pop-up gazebo that will give you plenty of shade and protection from the rain when you are outside.
  5. Build a Privacy Fence along the Railing: A wooden wall can give a windbreaker as well as seclusion. Experienced deck contractors can build the perfect one for your needs.

Make the Deck of Your Dreams More Private

Enjoy your oasis in a private setting by getting a little creative. When you are ready for a new or revived deck, contact Schafer Construction. Since 1988, we have specialized in elevated decks, bridge driveways, and other areas of construction. As a trusted deck contractor in the Montclair and Bay area, our licensed professionals can help you design the haven of your dreams, including adding some privacy features. Reach out and let’s work together for your backyard hideaway.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners acrossOrinda, Montclair, and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their structural repair and construction needs.

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