Deck Repair: Your Deck Inspection Checklist

Having a deck means also having the responsibility of keeping it in good condition and preventing any unnecessary deck repairs from occurring. It only makes sense to want to protect your investment. Check out what a good deck inspection checklist should look like.

Environment and Weathering

Take a look at the type of environment that your deck is in. What is your deck exposed to every day? Maybe it’s mostly the sun, or maybe it’s mostly shade. Is it subjected to a lot of rain? It’s normal for a deck to naturally weather over time, but you want to pay attention to how it is weathering. If your deck doesn’t seem to be weathering well, then that is definitely a cause for concern.

Excessive Moisture 

Excessive moisture can wreak havoc on decks. It’s inevitable that debris will get stuck in between your deck boards, and the debris can eventually form into sponges that can easily absorb the moisture from rain and fog. When left in place, these sponges will start to form decay on your deck. Look for the beginning signs of decay, and notice what stage it is in if you see it present.


You always want to check the hardware of you deck to make sure that it is holding up well. This includes all bolts and fasteners. Over time, hardware can shift, which can compromise the integrity of your entire deck if not noticed and taken care of.

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