Maintaining Decks In Moist or Damp Areas

Decks are among the most beneficial additions you can make to your property. Decks provide additional living space outdoors that can be used for recreation and entertaining when the weather permits it. Additionally, decks can prove to not only be functional, but can actually increase the value of your home. However, once you have a deck, it is important that you take the right steps to protect it. This is particularly the case for those with decks in moist or damp areas, as wet climates can be particularly damaging to wooden decks.

Keep Water off of Your Deck

A critical part of ensuring the longevity of your deck if you live in an area that sees a lot of rain is making sure that your deck is not exposed to any more water than is necessary. This will mean doing what you can to keep excess water off of your deck by making sure that you have sufficient gutters to direct as much rain water away from your deck as possible. Water running off of your roof can prove to be fatal to a wooden deck, which makes it crucial that you not only have gutters, but that you keep them cleaned out so that your deck is as protected as possible from the elements.

Making Sure Your Deck is Protected

However, no matter what you do, and how good your gutters are, it will be impossible to completely prevent water from getting to your deck in a wet climate. One of the most important things you can then do to protect your deck from the moisture of your environment is to make sure that you have your deck professionally sealed on a regular basis; generally every other year. Having your deck sealed regularly will protect it from the water that comes in contact with it, and should prevent it from rotting.

Ultimately, there is a bit of work involved in maintaining a deck in a wet environment, and keeping your deck in pristine condition will require that you keep on top of routine maintenance. Contact us to learn more about the steps you can take to protect your deck from the moist environment of your area.

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