How to Plan for Your New Deck

Decks enhance the look and feel of a home, and its property value. The best part is that they give you a place to entertain friends or relax in private with a good book and a refreshing tea. The best part is that the Internet …

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Outdoor Living—All Decked Out!

Spring is here! It’s time to prep your property for the new season. Should a deck be part of those preparations? How do you decide what type of deck will suit your property? Homeowners who have decks celebrate and value the freedom they have when …

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Avoid a Flood with Trench Drain Maintenance

When you have a gorgeous view on the backside of your Montclair home, you may think you are reaching the heavens. Life always seems better from a deck. They are extensions of our homes – places to relax, kick back, and decompress after a long …

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Enjoy Christmas Eve Outdoors with Movie Night

Movie night is a timeless tradition. Family and friends gather around the television and enjoy entertainment together. Snacks are often involved, as is much laughter. Not to mention never-ending buckets of popcorn! Most of the time, we think of movie night as happening in the …

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