Enjoy Christmas Eve Outdoors with Movie Night

Movie night is a timeless tradition. Family and friends gather around the television and enjoy entertainment together. Snacks are often involved, as is much laughter. Not to mention never-ending buckets of popcorn! Most of the time, we think of movie night as happening in the living room or a rec room, why not shake things up a little by hosting movie night outside on your deck on Christmas Eve? Take things outdoors and still have a memorable night filled with fun, food, family, and friends. Your trusted Berkeley deck builder can help with additions to ensure everyone gets a good seat at the show.

6 Suggestions to Plan a Christmas Eve Movie Night Party

What better way to spend this special night than with family and friends watching fun holiday movies? You can make the night even more memorable with these six suggestions:

  1. Set the Scene: You can make a cinematic area by moving the television outside. Pull out Grandpa’s old projector and screen if you want to go more old school. If no screen is available, use a white sheet layered in front of a dark-colored sheet and hang them along the outside wall of your home or some shepherds’ hooks to create a screen. The Internet can give you many ideas.
  2. Bring in Plenty of Seating: You will probably need to rearrange chairs and bring some additional ones for comfortable seating. You can also lay down an area rug and add blankets and oversized pillows for the kids.
  3. Remember the Concession Stand: No movie is complete without food. Make some popcorn and grab some movie-style candies from the store. You can even have chips, fresh vegetables and fruit, and dip. Hot chocolate and coffee will keep guests warm, and awake! You can keep them warmer if you utilize thermos-style containers.
  4. Add Some Ways to Keep Warm: Winter brings much cooler nights. You will want to make sure you have blankets and extra coats handy. Adding an outdoor heater will help everyone warm up quickly if things get too cold.
  5. String Some Lights: Add to the ambiance by stringing up lights. Christmas lights work well if it is the holiday season. You can put up colored or white lights for the fun flair you want to create.
  6. Put a Gift Table in the Corner: Since it is the season for giving, why not place a small table to the side for gifts. These can be donations to a local homeless shelter or animal shelter, or you can set up a fun White Elephant giveaway.

Spend Christmas Eve with Family on Your Deck Built by Schafer Construction

Make a new holiday tradition by spending Christmas Eve on the deck watching a movie. The team at Schafer Construction has the know-how to build an outdoor haven that can make movie night more fun. Please take advantage of our over three decades of experience for your deck construction or repair work. Contact us today to get the outdoor oasis you have always dreamed of.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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