Up Your Stay-cation Game with Backyard and Deck Accessories

Vacation time is here. Summer is the time of year most families leave the hustle and bustle of daily life for an adventure. It may be a trip to an amusement park, hiking, or checking out a national park. Yet, when circumstances indicate that going away on vacation is not feasible, why not enjoy a stay-cation by shutting off the electronics and spending it with family on your backyard deck?

Don’t have a wooden or composite oasis waiting for you? Call on Orinda’s preferred deck builder. Schafer Construction, Inc. serves the Bay Area and surrounding communities with skilled craftsmanship to create new decks or inspect and repair older ones. Make this year’s vacation a favorite with your family, as you enjoy the peace, the fun and games, great food and more, in the perfect outdoor space surrounding your home.

Save Money and Create New Memories by Vacationing at Home

You do not have to break the bank to make your outdoor haven comfortable. Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Add an inflatable pool. What better way to cool down than with an inflatable pool? Your kids will enjoy splashing fun, and you don’t have to leave your comfortable home.
  • Build or buy an outdoor fire pit. A glass of wine tastes better when you can sit next to an open fire. Kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy roasting some marshmallows to smoosh between chocolate and graham crackers.
  • Get creative with outdoor seating.Choose seating that you love, and that serves dual purposes. For instance, a cushioned chaise can sit more than one person, and still, be used for lounging. If storage is a concern, find tables or ottomans that double as storage chests. For the more budget-conscious, consider making a bench from low-cost concrete blocks stacked, covered with a foam cushion, and accented with pillows.
  • Install a great ambiance with new lights.The warm glow of patio lights only adds to the beauty and peaceful feeling you are trying to achieve. There are many creative ways to do this like string lights hung up high, wrapped around your deck rail, or draped along your table as a centerpiece. You could also repurpose vintage chandeliers with candles.
  • Create beauty (and privacy) with plants. Save money on landscaping by planting perennials since they come back each year to give you some color. Then try your hand at creating a living fence using a simple technique called espalier, where you train a tree or shrub to grow flat against a wall.
  • Give some coziness with fabrics and cushions. An inexpensive way to add color and a sense of coziness is by adding pillows and cushions to existing furniture. You may also want to hang some pretty curtains from your gazebo.

Begin a New Tradition with Your Stay-cation in Orinda

Worried your deck may not be in the best shape to enjoy this year? Contact Schafer Construction for inspection and analysis of the wood, fasteners, and posts. We will give you the best options for your situation. We can handle repairs and new construction, so if you want a new deck or expand your existing one, we have you covered. We have decades of experience to meet your requirements and leave you with the peace of mind you deserve. Go ahead. Give us a call; then start planning how to make the most of your stay-cation, and leave the rest to us.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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