Top Building Materials for Decks in Damp Climates

deck building materials
deck building materials

Are you thinking of building a deck, but are worried about the amount of water contact that your decking material will have to withstand? Whether you live in a damp climate, are building a deck next to a body of water, or are otherwise anticipating a high level of potential water damage, don’t worry! You can still choose from plenty of deck materials that will be able to withstand the dampest climates.

Here are a few suggestions for decks in damp climates:

Wooden Decking

If your climate is only moderately damp, you may be able to construct a wooden deck. Wooden decking is typically the most affordable option, which makes it easy to replace when necessary. If you decide to install a wooden deck, however, you’ll need to be sure to apply a high quality sealant in order to prevent the wood from becoming water damaged.

Composite Decking

Although composite decking is pricier than wooden decking, its durability makes it a great long-term investment for areas that receive high amounts of precipitation or other types of contact with water.

Aluminum Decking

If you’re building a deck that needs to withstand high amounts of wear and tear, your best choice may be aluminum decking. Although it’s rare for residential homes to use aluminum decking, it can be a great choice if you’re building extremely close to a body of water, or are planning to use the deck for water-intensive purposes such as container gardening.

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