Top 10 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Decorating Your Deck and Patio

Building a brand-new deck opens many opportunities to express your style. From the choice of material to the finishing touches, your personality shines through. That is, it can if you plan from the start. Add-on services for different upgrades are something many of us don’t think of until the project is already underway. They can be expensive as your Lafayette deck builder may have to scrap the original plan and start over.

Before you get carried away with making too many changes, remember it is much cheaper to plan for decorating or storage now than later. For help designing your perfect outdoor haven, hire the experts at Schafer Construction. Make the most of your investment when you talk with our team. Soon you will be planning plenty of parties for the whole block.

Try these Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas for Unique Outdoor Spaces

If construction is already underway or your deck is complete, you can still add accents and changes to dress things up. Here are ten budget-friendly options to get you started:

  1. Add privacy with a curtain rod and outdoor curtains. Pick up an inexpensive towel rod and some sheer curtains to hang them across your pergola.
  2. Increase storage options with benches. You can never have enough storage, but it can be one of the last items you think of when planning your project. Instead of buying a tacky rubber unit that only has one function, opt for a bench that functions as storage.
  3. Boost greenery with a wall planter. Container plants placed along your rails add beauty, privacy, and keep your cooking herbs handy. Many different materials can be used including taking a section of handrail and flipping it on its end like a ladder.
  4. Create interest by combining materials. Using only one element, like wood, can be a little boring for some. Create an interesting scene by adding sod, stone, or gravel as borders around your deck.
  5. Include a multi-function table. Besides holding your drink, some styles of tables can be planters or serve to hide cushions. You can find plenty of ideas on the Internet to fit your style.
  6. Keep it simple with cinder blocks. Cinder blocks not only belong in your home’s foundation, but they also make surprisingly functional and straightforward seats. A few planks of wood, a few blocks, and soon you will be roasting marshmallows for s’mores.
  7. Think paint. Does the idea of an area rug on your deck excite you? Unfortunately, carpets on a new deck can and will discolor the deck when the sun hits them. It can be extremely difficult to fix that, not to mention time consuming and expensive. Instead, why not paint your favorite design and forgo the upkeep of carpet? When you are tired of it, you can easily repaint.
  8. Rethink cabinets. We love to have plants around us, especially on a deck. Our neighbor’s cat enjoys our foliage, too. Keep your African violets or marigold protected from critters by placing them in a planter cabinet. They will receive plenty of sun while staying safe.
  9. Dress up with planter boxes. Add some color with functional planter boxes in which you can rotate different annuals according to season.
  10. Make it fun with a swing. What better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon than lounging on a porch swing?

Add Beauty to Your Deck and Stay within Budget

Beautifying your haven has never been easier with a little ingenuity and creativity. When you are ready to build or renew your existing deck, contact the professional deck builders at Schafer Construction. Since 1988, we have specialized in elevated decks, bridge driveways, and other areas of construction. We can help you create your dream outdoor getaway.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Lafayette and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their structural repair and construction needs.

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