Top 10 Activities You Can Do on Your Deck

Are you considering adding a wooden deck to your home? You may have dreams of utilizing the outdoor space for cookouts, but building a deck is only the beginning of the fun you and your family can have. Besides having the occasional party, there are many things you can do with your outdoor oasis that will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Before you plan that first party, ensure you have the best deck construction in Montclair. Schafer Construction Inc. stands behind their projects with quality work, inspection services, and repair work. We understand the importance of an outdoor oasis to your family’s life and how it is an extension of your home. Call us to discuss your innovatively designed deck today!

Everyday Activities to Enjoy on Your Deck

Get the most enjoyment from your new haven. Family, friends, pets; everyone can feel safe and have fun!

  1. Entertaining. Invite family and friends over to enjoy some good food and great times. Your deck is the perfect place for parties. With some strategic seating, you may be surprised at how many people can join in the fun together.
  2. Exercise. Enjoy your exercise routine by moving it outside instead of in your living room or basement. You can have plenty of room for stretching. Imagine doing your favorite yoga pose while listening to birds chirping in the background.
  3. Install a Hot Tub. The right set-up will allow you to put in a hot tub safely. That is when the relaxing nights can start. You can come home from a crazy commute, slip on your suit, and jump in the hot tub for 15-20 minutes and let the stress of the day swirl away with the water jets.
  4. Play with Your Kids. Build memories when you take the game night out to the spa. Grab some waterproof cards or board games, some snacks, and let the giggles and bonding begin!
  5. Groom Your Pet. Keep Fido’s fur out of the house when you groom him on your deck. Clean up will be much easier, and you both can enjoy the breeze of a lovely day.
  6. Take a Nap. This may quickly become a favorite activity for you. All it takes is one peaceful nap on a pleasant day, and you will be hooked. Keep plenty of cushions and a light blanket or two for added comfort.
  7. Read/Relax/Do a Crossword. Spend an hour lounging around with a good book or crossword puzzle. Today’s busy world makes it hard to unplug and unwind. Your newly constructed deck eliminates the excuse of “no place to relax”.
  8. Cook/BBQ. This list would not be complete with the obvious, a BBQ or cookout. Enjoy grilling year-round when you set up your charcoal or gas grill and pop some burgers and hot dogs on it.
  9. Prep Your Garden. Keep the dirt outside when you use your deck for prepping plants for your garden or greenhouse. As you breathe in the smell of fresh soil, you will be glad to do this outside, where cleaning up the mess will be simple.
  10. Air Out Sports Gear and Camping Accessories. Prepare for your next fishing or camping trip by airing out your accessories. Your deck is the perfect place to spread out your sports gear and let Mother Nature whisk away smells.
  11. Find Roof Leaks. The difficult aspect is locating the leak; the roof repair NJ is generally straightforward. We’ll teach you how to identify and fix most common kinds of leaking roofs using easy techniques.

Welcome Your Professionally Built Deck from Schafer Construction

Make the most of your deck when you use it for more than the occasional party. Grab a book and head out for a relaxing afternoon or take family game night outside. The trusted team at Schafer Construction has decades of experience in deck construction. We can build the right backyard haven that will quickly become your favorite place.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Montclair and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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