Tips for Designing Your Dream Deck with Oakland Deck Builders

Enjoying summer in the East Bay and Oakland hills doesn’t need to stop at merely walking its streets. So what can a homeowner do? For one, he or she can invest in the construction of a cozy deck with the help of experienced Oakland deck builders. As an article on notes:

“With warm summer days in full swing, it is time to make your dream of a backyard deck transformation a reality. If you are like many homeowners who are interested in revamping outdoor living spaces, a lack of time and decking know-how may be preventing you from getting started.

The good news is that breathing new life into an outdated deck or updating an outdoor living area does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, if you have the right plan.”

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on designing that dream deck:

deck dreaming

Consider the deck’s measurements – This coincides with usage and feasibility, specifically the deck’s main purpose and how it will be sized according to your needs, not to mention its architectural compatibility. What the latter means is that the deck must fit perfectly with the home’s existing exterior to prevent extensive renovation just to put the deck in. Enlisting professional help from leading contractors like Schafer Construction, Inc. can make this job a lot easier.

How will the deck be accessed? – The more difficult it is to get into the deck, the more ineffective or inconvenient it’ll become. Features that allow for quick access to the deck area such as large, sliding doors directly connecting the deck to the interior are a good example.

Conveniences – Which amenities are going to be provided around the deck area? Will it have electrical outlets, ultra-cozy seating, custom lighting, or an outdoor sound system? The installation of these features are highly dependent on the preferences of the homeowner, or a contractor’s pre-conceived plan approved by his client.

Location – Decks are often built off of kitchens, living rooms, or family rooms to maximize the living space, but you should know that its location can affect your comfort. For instance, if you want your deck to be in shade for most part of the day, have it constructed on the north side. On the other hand, decks with eastern exposure allows residents to better enjoy the morning sun.

Of course, the realization of your dream deck doesn’t only depend on your well-thought-out plan, but also on your chosen local contractor that offers both deck building and trusty deck repair in the Oakland and East Bay Area. Decide and choose wisely, and it won’t be long before your ideal deck becomes a reality.

(Source: Deck Dreaming: 5 Easy Steps to Plan the Perfect Deck, Housetopia, July 2, 2014)

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