Summer Deck Repair Checklist

Summer is right around the corner and we will soon be spending time on our decks. However, before we are able to enjoy this time, it is important to make sure any deck repairs are made. Here are a few of the repairs you should make this summer in order to make sure you and your guests can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Replace Nails with Deck Screws

One common mistake that DIYers make when they are building a deck is not using the right equipment. Using nails instead of deck screws is a common mistake. Over time, nails and boards tend to become loose. If you have this issue, replacing your nails with deck screws that are longer than the nail is the best option.


In some cases, resurfacing your entire deck may be the best option. This could be the case if the wood has not been cared for properly and is cracking excessively. One of the best options is a concrete overlay. While this will not get rid of flaws, it will definitely help your deck look better in the long run.

Replace Rotted Wood

When portions of your deck are in direct contact with the ground, this could mean you are at risk of developing wood rot. To determine this, check the structure with a screwdriver. If you are able to sink your screwdriver into the wood, you need to replace the wood because it is rotted. Also, make sure you focus on the areas that fasten the deck to your house. Moisture is also easily built up in this area, which could cause rotted wood to develop.

Repairing your deck for summer is a great option for those who are looking to spend extended time outdoors. Keeping these specific repairs in mind will help you have a deck that is beautiful and comfortable all season long. Contact us to learn more about deck repair or to get started with a professional repair today.

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