Savoring Oakland Sunsets: Tap Deck Builders to Expand an Existing Deck

Patios and decks are typically built to last for years, providing ample outdoor living space for the family. However, there could come a time when you would be needing more deck space, even one that calls for a steep slope. As How Stuff Works writer Jane McGrath says, such an undertaking requires professional hands.

Oakland’s location at the eastern side of San Francisco Bay gives residents breathtaking views of the Bay Area, including its spectacular sunsets. A well-made and designed deck will give you, your friends, and family the best seat in the house. If you need to make your existing deck more spacious, or if your house is perched on a hillside location and you want a strong extended deck to augment the leisure value of the property, you can call on deck builders such as Schafer Construction, Inc., to set it up for you.

Extension Base

The most important part in setting up a deck that’s attached to the house is the ledger board. In building a deck extension, it is important to first ensure that the ledger board is in good shape. Likewise, the rest of the structure must still be sound. The flooring, posts, and other parts must be checked for rotting, or any other form of deterioration, including those brought about by constant exposure to freeze-thaw cycles.

You will also have to review the local building code and homeowners’ association rules on decks. There could be some regulations on the overall dimensions of extended decks.

Down Low

In determining the overall spread of the deck, the contractor will also have to analyze the length of ground supports and find the places that can serve as anchor for all of the supporting posts. This can even be true for steep extended decks where the slope is too close to vertical – at which point, stronger materials will have to be used to support the load. If you need visual examples of how this is done, ask your contractor for photos, or perhaps an ocular inspection of an existing structure.


Contractors like Schafer Construction offer deck inspection and deck repair services to assess and mitigate potential long-term decay. Building the extended deck, from initial design to final completion, may take several weeks to ensure, but the wait for a wonderful addition to your home will be well worth it.


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