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Deck RepairInsuring the longevity and safety of your deck relies on proper deck maintenance and deck repair. If you follow these suggestions; diagnosing common problems with your deck, specifically exposure to harsh weather, is a simple procedure that can be done quickly and efficiently. Once the problems with your deck have been diagnosed, you can begin the process to repair and maintain your deck at its highest level.

  • Rotted or decayed wood. Finding decayed parts of your deck can be easy if they are a visible part of the structure. Supports and structural members can be hidden from view, and any problems you have with them will also be hidden. It is very important to determine the extent of any rot in your deck. Rotting wood will feel soft or spongy when you squeeze it or poke it with a screwdriver or other tool. Rotting or decayed wood needs to be replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Deck fasteners. Nails sticking out of boards or corroded screws could be a sign of a much larger problem. Corroded fasteners can damage the wood around them and should be checked out by a deck repair professional.
  • Stairs and railings. Loose steps and railings are generally a sign that your deck needs repaired. Sagging and cracked boards and supports can lead to accidents or larger repair problems if left unattended.
  • Maintenance and cleaning. Mold, mildew and water damage can quickly destroy the structural integrity of your deck. Keeping the wood cleaned and properly sealed can add years to the life of the structure. Although much of the work can be done by a homeowner, if the maintenance on your deck has lapsed, you will need to have a professional inspect it and set up a plan to fix and maintain your deck in the future.

The proper care and maintenance of a deck is relatively easy when you start with a new or well-maintained deck. When your deck has already had some problems or is in poor shape is when you need to consider getting professional help with your deck repair.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Mateo, San Leandro, Fremont and the surrounding areas Schaefer Construction is are the deck expert to call. Whether you need your deck repaired, restored or want a new deck built, Schaefer gives you ove r25 years of experience in decks repair, deck design/building and bridge driveways.

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