Professional Deck Builders Help Create and Maintain Your Home’s Deck

Oakland homeowners interested in expanding their home should seriously consider adding a deck. This simple expansion of your home is an investment that can have a lot of returns. The most obvious benefit of having a deck is one that’s immediate–it’s a great place to lounge around and enjoy the outdoors. A deck can also reap as much as 80% of the cost when it’s time to sell your home. If you’ve had it built in your backyard, or up at the second level overlooking the garden, it would be a nice venue for an outdoor party.


While adding a deck to your home seems like simple carpentry work, it isn’t that easy. If you’ve got the skills, you can attempt to do one yourself, but it’s always recommended to hire a deck builder instead. Letting professional deck builders, like Schafer Construction Inc., toil on your deck makes it simpler for you, but as the homeowner, you still need to make the decisions regarding construction. To make informed decisions, you need to know the basics of deck building.

Planning is the first step. Decide on how big you want the deck and what its main purpose will be. A deck built to allow you to look out over your backyard is different from a deck that is designed to host parties. Think about your choice and consult with your builder. Your builder will be familiar with local building codes and will be able to suggest designs, in case you need to modify your existing deck to fit local laws or need to improve the appearance.

Once your plan is completely in place, your builder can start construction. Your main contribution, then, would be the building materials. You’ll need to decide what material to use. Wood is the most popular, but composite materials are more durable and require less maintenance.

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Maintenance is the next step after construction. Once your deck is built, your responsibility is to keep it well-maintained. You can do this through regular cleaning and annual sealing. If you have a wooden deck, applying sealant protects it from the elements better and reduces the need for deck repair. In case it gets damaged (after a jam-packed outdoor party, for instance), it’s best to have your deck fixed quickly.

A well-made and well-maintained deck is a nice place to relax in, one that would surely last for a long time. Contact a professional deck builder now to add one to your home. 

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