Planning Your Spring and Summer Deck Activities

Do you want to make the most of your Spring evenings and create unforgettable memories with your family? As the school year comes to a close and vacation season begins, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. Imagine hosting nightly dinners on your very own deck or relaxing outside with a refreshing glass of iced tea. If your home is currently without a deck, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create your backyard oasis. Contact a quality deck contractor in Oakland today to transform your backyard into a haven that you and your family will love for years to come.

At Schafer Construction, our expert team will not only build a beautiful deck, but we also conduct follow-up inspections to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Don’t wait any longer to make your backyard dreams a reality.

Fun Activities You Can Enjoy on Your Deck

Now that ‘deck’ season is officially here, what activities can you do besides the stereotypical grill n’ chill? Here are seven ideas to get your creativity moving:

1. Exercise: Why remain stuck inside running through your exercise routine when you have a deck? There is plenty of room to enjoy yoga in the fresh air. Play some music and dance through your Zumba routine. The entire time you have the sounds of Mother Nature embracing you.

2. Add a hot tub: There is no better way to end a stressful day than soaking in swirling hot water jets. Station your hot tub on or beside your deck as a convenient step from the house to the spa.

3. Nap: Fold down the lawn furniture under your pergola and take a refreshing nap. Do you feel the breeze caressing your face? Yes, your backyard haven can be your new naptime destination on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

4. Play Live Music: Grab your guitar or ukelele and call some friends to sit around the fire and sing songs. This may become a favorite Friday night activity.

5. Have a sleepover: Build a deck fort and let the kids invite some friends over with their sleeping bags. With plenty of blankets, pillows, and snacks, the kids will have a fabulous time.

6. Family game night: Bring out the pizza and board games and have a family game night. Show your children all the fun you grew up with. You can also learn some new ones that your kids love. This is a fantastic opportunity to build lasting memories for everyone.

7. Movie night: Another outside option is to project a movie on a screen or the side of your house. Make your popcorn, buy some movie theater-style candy, and enjoy your favorite movies. You can even develop snack themes around different flicks on your list.

Choose a Reliable Deck Contractor to Build Your Outdoor Haven

Start making memories by choosing a dependable Oakland deck contractor in Oakland. Schafer Construction has decades of experience building structurally sound and beautiful decks for homeowners across the Bay area.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Oakland and Alameda County rely on our skilled and experienced team for deck building, inspection, repair needs, and remodels.

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