Overcoming the Challenge of Bridge Driveways

Building Bridge Driveways in Oakland

Bridge Driveways

Living in Oakland can present its own unique challenges. And Bridge Driveways are one of them. Although a beautiful city with a diverse and dynamic culture, this area requires non-traditional solutions to many building projects. One of the most interesting is home building on the hills of the city and surrounding areas. Creative use of bridge driveways can connect your garage to the street while still maintaining the look of your hillside residence.

Concrete driveways add beauty and value to your home and can last a very long time. However, when you put a bridge span in the middle of a driveway a whole new dynamic comes into play, and if the proper care is not taken, the lifespan of a bridge driveway can be considerably less than a normal driveway. Special construction practices go into making sure that a bridge driveway is built correctly and it requires experience and practice to guarantee that a bridge driveway will be safe and functional for as long as it should last. Making sure that you are dealing with a competent and practiced construction company for a project like this is very important for the beauty and safety of your home.
Working with the proper materials, designing the correct weight-bearing frame and making sure that the plan is carried out exactly as written, to ensure that your bridge driveway not only meets the stringent building codes, but is also a beautiful and practical addition to your home is not something that just any construction or paving company can do. This is where experience and a proven track record separate the good construction companies from the guys who are just looking for their next paycheck.

Schaefer Construction is one of the few companies in this area that can build the proper, guaranteed bridge driveway that you need. With over 25 years of experience in the construction business, Schaeffer brings to you the knowledge and familiarity to undertake this kind of project with a perfect record of success.

Schaefer Construction services the greater Bay area, including Oakland, San Mateo, San Leandro, Fremont, and additional outlying areas. Experts in construction, Schaefer is a trusted name in bridge driveway, driveway and deck repair. They are also Oakland’s finest deck builders. All of their work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an established and reputable construction firm with a tried and true track record.

For more information, fill out the contact request found here or call 510-339-9100.

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