Old Decks – Repair or Replace?

Deck Repair

If you’ve been avoiding your deck this summer due to rotten boards, loose nails, or other problems, you may have been wondering whether it’s time to repair or replace your deck. Fortunately, having a few areas of damage on a deck doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire deck needs to be replaced. Simply repairing the deck can save you money and extend the life of your deck. However, it’s also important to be able to tell when it’s time to replace your deck as opposed to simply repairing it. Here are a few points to consider when you’re deciding whether to invest in deck repair or replacement.


Is there any structural damage to the deck?

Whether due to termites, rot, or other factors, it’s time to replace your deck if any of the main support beams have been compromised. Be sure to check the area where your deck’s support beams meet the ground and look at any horizontal support beams underneath the deck as well.


Does the cost of repairs outweigh the cost to replace?

In addition to thinking about the immediate cost of repairing versus replacing a deck, it’s important to think about the return on investment. Over time, paying for multiple repairs could cost more than simply replacing the entire deck.

How old is the deck?

Being old doesn’t necessarily mean that a deck needs to be replaced, but it can be a good indicator that replacing the deck might be a better investment than repairing the deck. Check the average lifespan for your deck’s building material, and carefully inspect the deck for signs of wear and tear.

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