Oakland Deck Builders Offer a Few Useful Tips on Deck Color Selection

Color has a powerful impact on people’s emotions. The color that your favorite products come in? They’re likely the result of painstaking research in order to positively affect the mood of consumers like you even before your realize it. In fact, the psychology of colors is a strong motivator in your product selection—wherein people tend to prefer a brand due to a psychological factor, and its colors define that aspect to a large extent.


Colors evoke certain emotions, so the colors you surround yourself can make you feel happy, sad, upset, sedate, etc. More than the products you purchase, however, the right color choice factors into making your Oakland home as comfortable as possible. By selecting the best colors for it, you ensure that your home is exactly that—a place where you can leave all your cares outside the door and find peace, sanctuary, and relaxation.

On Decks: Looking for the Right Hue

Speaking of relaxation, your deck is where you entertain guests and spend quality time with your family. As such, the color you choose for it needs to look good and last for a long time. Then again, with so many colors to choose from, how do you know which one will give your deck the desired appearance and emotional effect?

Subjective vs. Objective

Color is, of course, a subjective topic. Ask everyone in your family to list the colors they love and hate, and you’ll likely have very different answers. That said, although color terminology and options may vary from brand to brand, deck colors are typically available in four levels of opacity: solid, semisolid, toner, and clear. The difference is in the amount of pigment, which provides the deck the protection it needs against different types of damage.

Factors that Influence Color Perception

Color selection shouldn’t begin and end with just picking one color out of many. There are many factors  that can influence the way color appears on a finished deck, including the wood’s natural color, its substrate texture, the light source, and of course how many coats of color were applied to the wood. As you can imagine, these terms can be hard for the average homeowner to digest, making the services of experienced deck builders in Oakland or nearby areas valuable.

When choosing the right color for your deck, it can be very helpful to contact a professional builder of bridge driveways and decks for the job.In fact, trusted deck contractors like Schafer Construction Inc. can help you with every aspect of deck construction including repairs, adding deck features, and finishing.


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