How to Prevent Dry Rot from Ruining Your Deck -Helpful Suggestions from Your Trusted Deck Builder in Montclair

Decks are a favorite way to extend the living space of a home. Often family and friends congregate to enjoy grilled burgers, hot dogs, shish kabobs, and drinks. Many times it is for a special occasion like a holiday or birthday. Other times, it might be just for the sake of camaraderie. Whatever the reason, being out on a wooden platform, perhaps overlooking a gorgeous valley, enhances the festive atmosphere. The only thing that could ruin a perfectly good evening is if the deck collapsed causing injury. Unfortunately, this can happen as the materials deteriorate over time. Whether your deck was a DIY installation, or you hired a deck builder in Montclair, it helps to know what may go wrong as the years go by.

With proper maintenance and consistent inspections, you can prevent many issues that can crop up, including dry rot. Dry rot is a bit of a misnomer. The term refers to the fungus that can cause mildew, mold, staining, or decay in wood. What happens is that the micro-organisms deplete the cellulose in the timber leaving it brittle. You might notice the boards looking dark and decayed. Get help assessing the health of your beloved retreat with an inspection by a licensed specialist from Schafer Construction. When it comes to deck construction in Montclair and surrounding areas, we have the experience in detection and repair work to keep you enjoying the outdoors for years to come.

6 Tips from Your Deck Builder in Montclair

Time and weather will deteriorate your deck, but you can prolong that process when you use these tips:

  1. Use treated wood: Untreated wood is more susceptible to the elements such as harsh UV rays, rain, and fog. Instead, treated timber has been pressure treated with chemicals to prolong the life of the material.
  2. Remove any debris between boards: Leaves and other pieces of nature can get stuck in the gaps between the boards. If allowed to remain, it becomes a haven for fungus and bacteria, which will grow and eat away at the materials.
  3. Remove standing water: Look for water pooling in one spot or craters across planks. Sweep off the water after it rains.
  4. Check your gutters: The primary role of gutters is to whisk water away from a home’s foundation. If they are full of leaves, pine needles, and other debris, then water can dam up and overflow onto the deck or saturate the ground near the deck posts.
  5. Make sure your yard is graded correctly: If water cannot flow away from your home it will rest at the lowest spot which can be your foundation or your wooden deck. Keep an eye out for water pooling in your yard.
  6. Keep up on maintenance: To get the most from your investment, keep up on maintenance. This includes keeping the surface clean, looking for loose boards and nails, and using proper wood preservatives. If you prefer to leave the maintenance to the experts, consider Schafer’s Decks for Life program to extend the life of your deck.

Stop Dry Rot Now with Help from Expert Deck Builder in Montclair

Your deck does not have to succumb to the effects of dry rot. Enlist the assistance of our team at Schafer Construction. We have been building and repairing decks for over 25 years. You can rely on us to make appropriate repairs quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor oasis.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their structural repair and construction needs. Your search for a deck builder in Montclair ends here!

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