Heater Options to Warm Your Deck When it’s Nippy Outside

Grilling outdoors during summer is one of America’s fondest pastimes. For almost six months of the year, we pull out the hamburger, hot dogs, and veggie burgers for great eats and fun times with family. However, fall and winter come around, and soon, we scale back on opportunities to head outside. Maybe it is a little chilly, or there’s some extra rain that thwarts our attempts. We still love being outdoors, so why do we stop going out?

Embrace the cooler temperatures when you warm up your outdoor haven with heaters that still allow for social distancing. Schafer Construction, Orinda’s favored deck builder, knows how to create the oasis you seek for year-round enjoyment. We stand by our work with options for regular inspections and maintenance. You have no reason not to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

3 Common Fuel Types for Outdoor Heaters

You have a few different options for the type of fuel you can use. Here are the three most common:

  • Propane: Warm up your outdoor area quickly with a propane heater. This fuel source heats the ambient air around you. Generally, you can use a 20 lb tank as you find with a grill. Investing in an extra tank will ensure you don’t lose warmth because of a lack of fuel. With a little bit of maintenance, you can use these clean-burning heaters for years to come.
  • Electric: If you have an indoor electric space heater, you have a good idea of what an outdoor electric heater does. Each type produces about the same power, and its energy is infrared. That is, your skin and clothes absorb the heat versus heating the air around you. The best part is that operation is a matter of plugging them in and turning them on. If you are planning a new deck, ask your deck builder to mark a space for your electric heater.
  • Wood: Anyone ready for a campfire? That’s the feeling you get when you choose a wood-burning patio heater. It generates loads of heat and the outdoorsy smells associated with burning wood. However, the downside is the smoke and ash from the charred wood.

3 Common Styles of Heaters

You will find a variety of heaters online and in the store. They can be funneled down to four basic styles:

  • Mushroom Top: These stand-alone heaters come in propane and electric models. They reach about six to eight feet in height. The propane versions have their flames at the top with a “hat” that sits on top to deflect the heat downward. You get great overall heat that can be beneficial to keep guests warm while practicing social distancing.
  • Pyramid-Style: Get a lovely view and generous heat all packaged in a pyramid. These decorative heaters keep the fire within their glass tube and offer incredible warmth, though not quite as much as the mushroom top style. These generally come in propane and thus will heat the ambient air.
  • Electric Heat Lamps: You can find these in various styles, from pole-mounted ones with mushroom tops to chandelier heaters. Remember that electricity and water don’t mix, so you will want to look at the waterproof ratings.
  • Table Top: For those cozy nights, you and your partner may want to use a tabletop version. These sit on your table and heat a smaller area. You may find that your food stays warmer than you do as you huddle around the table.

Stay Toasty on Your New Deck Built by Schafer Construction

Grab some food and head out to your deck, even on the nippy nights when you set out heaters. The Schafer Construction team will build a deck that allows you to get outside no matter the month on the calendar. Give us a call, and let’s get busy creating your backyard haven.

Call us for fast service at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck building, inspection, and repair needs.

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