Go Green and Ask For Natural Cedar from Your Deck Builders in Oakland

People are starting to realize the importance of going green, and you can join in on this bandwagon by having your deck builders in Oakland build or rebuild your deck using natural cedar. This is because the process it takes to convert cedar trees into decks actually has a smaller carbon footprint compared to the production of other building materials.

Natural cedar, a great material to help reduce your environmental footprint

Some other benefits of using cedar wood for this project include its adaptability and versatility for purposes of building, being very easily cut and put together with other pieces, or even with another material. Home and garden online source, Housetopia, says, “As a building product, natural wood is an excellent choice for decks, siding, raised garden beds, arbors and even garden benches.”

Another is that it is a natural weather-resistant. Because it is not easily damaged by wear and tear, your deck made of cedar wood can be guaranteed to last decades. It doesn’t hurt, too, that it does not only add appeal to your deck, it also affects the overall aesthetics of your home. Then, when its life cycle is over, wood breaks down in landfills easily and quickly, only releasing minimal carbon dioxide, after which it can again be reused, reclaimed, or repurposed.

Another way to be environment-friendly is to repair old decks rather than replacing them. This way, use of more trees can be avoided. Common cedar deck problems include the appearance of mold, mildew or algae; extractive bleeding, rusting and staining of nails or screws, and weathering of the wood. These problems are not cause for replacement, and may be dealt with by yourself or with the help of a deck building service. At most, it will only require some cleaning.

For deck building, rebuilding, or a deck repair in Oakland, seek companies like Schafer Construction who can build or inspect your deck and do the proper repairs needed. Inspections would include checking how the deck is weathering, its overall condition, signs of decay, and other signs to make sure it is still good and is not in need of a major overhaul or replacement. Remember, when going green, it is better to repair than to replace.

(Source: Natural cedar, a great material to help reduce your environmental footprint, housetopia, September 9, 2014)

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