Get Ready for Holiday Entertaining with Fall Deck Maintenance

Fall’s cooler temperatures are a good reminder that the seasons are changing, and soon, the holidays will arrive. It is also the perfect time to catch up on chores around your home and yard. One duty you should tackle is deck maintenance. Your outdoor oasis serves you well throughout the spring and summer. Give it a little TLC in the fall, and reap the rewards all year long. Remember, just because it gets a smidgen cooler doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your deck.

Take a weekend to spruce up your outdoor sanctuary so you can plan your holiday entertainment with ease. The professionals at Schafer Construction are Orinda’s premier deck builders and rehabilitation specialists. We support you with our inspection and building services, so you can continue to get years of enjoyment from your deck.

Keep the Fun Rolling All Season Long – Deck Maintenance Checklist

Even in our cooler seasons, you will want to entertain. To ensure that your deck is safe and reliable, it pays to conduct regular maintenance, and fall is the perfect time to get it done.  Here is a checklist from professional deck builders in Orinda, to help you:

  • Start with Cleaning Off Your Deck: All summer long, you have enjoyed times with family on your outdoor haven. It has also been an opportunity for the sun’s rays to beat down and cause discoloration. Remove all planters, chairs, and tables, then thoroughly clean the wood underneath. While you are at it, look for loose boards and protruding nails.
  • Bring in the Professionals for an Inspection: Now is the time to address any concerns you find. Maybe you noticed some rotting planks or the ledger board is not as sturdy as it used to be. Avoid waiting until someone is injured. Call in the team from Schafer Construction to inspect, repair, or rebuild your deck.
  • Apply Stain as Needed: Over time, the boards will become discolored. To give back the wood grains their gorgeous hue, apply stain over the deck, rails, and stairs. You don’t have to apply stain each year, but it is a good idea to apply some this fall if it has been over two years.
  • Protect with Sealant: All the cleaning and staining will mean nothing if mold and mildew sneak in. Apply a protective sealant to your outdoor haven. It will help keep mold from eating away at the wood, as well as slow cracking and splintering.
  • Do Landscape Upkeep: Don’t stop at your deck. Go ahead and trim bushes and trees nearby. Plants can increase the likelihood of rot, moss, and mold growth along your boards and railings. Keep an eye out for leaves and sweep them off immediately to prevent further mold from the moisture that often comes with it.

Before You Plan Your First Holiday Party – Call Schafer Construction

Bring in the holidays with a party on your freshly spruced up deck. Remember, safety first. Take time to inspect and clean your deck and railings. If you need some repair work or want to start from the beginning, give your trusted deck builders in Orinda a call. Our team at Schafer Construction has the experience to fix or create your outdoor dream getaway. We have served the residents of Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. You can depend on us to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

Call us for fast service today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Orinda and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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