Fall-Proof Your Deck

For many across the country, fall is that time of year for pumpkin spice lattes and bringing in the outside furniture. That is not necessarily the case for Californians. We love the outdoors year-round, which is excellent for our mental and physical health, but it’s not easy on our decks. Investing time in regular upkeep and maintenance of your outdoor haven ensures you will have years of enjoyment. It can be hard to remember to clean or stain, but if you take a page from those homeowners who suffer through different and harsh seasons, you can get yourself on a regular schedule.

Enjoy more when you use fall as your maintenance time. As you conduct your semi-annual clean up, remember to check for loose boards, then call Oakland’s preferred deck contractor, Schafer Construction. Our team knows decks and has the expertise to ensure yours stays safe for years to come.

Useful Guide to Deck Maintenance for a Fun Fall Season

Don’t let California’s mild seasons make you complacent and keep you from performing routine maintenance. Use fall to catch up on deck maintenance. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the deck. Over the months of parties and weather, dirt and stains build up. To prevent excessive wear, you will want to remove everything from the deck and thoroughly clean it. If you are comfortable, you can use a pressure washer, or you can grab some dish soap and a straw brush to wash things by hand. Remember, pressure washers can do some long-term damage to the wood. Be sure you understand how to use the equipment or hire a professional for the job.
  2. Inspect the rails and boards. Deck boards and railings will loosen over time. Look for missing or raised nails, loose boards, and missing pieces. Get these repaired quickly by a professional deck contractor to ensure things are tightened back up.
  3. Apply stain if needed. You may only need to apply stain every few years. However, if you find any type of discoloration from water, furniture, plants, or the sun’s rays, then you will want to restore the deck’s color with stain.
  4. Add sealant. After cleaning or staining, you will want to seal the wood up to protect the finish. The sealant prevents mold and mildew from developing. It also protects against cracking and splintering from expanding and contrasting wood.
  5. Conduct some yard work. Help keep up the beauty of your DDP property and your deck by getting the family to help with a weekend of yard work. Trim any nearby bushes and trees as they can trigger mold growth.

Keep Your Deck Safe and Beautiful for Years with Oakland Deck Contractors

Enjoy many more years with family and friends on your deck when you use fall to mark your semi-annual maintenance. Remember that loose and rotting boards can put a damper on your festivities. Seek out the assistance of Schafer Construction for your Oakland haven. We have over three decades of experience building, inspecting, and repairing decks and bridge driveways across the Bay area. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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