Expert Deck Builders from Oakland Can Lengthen the Life of Your Deck

That deck of yours has been through everything from wild parties to monsoon rainfall, and it still takes a beating each time the seasons change. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to give your deck some tender loving care via tips from experienced deck builders in Oakland, California. A general home improvement article in the Ask Fred site has the following tips for keeping your deck in tip-top shape.


Clean up after the party
Over time, expect a lot of debris like leaves, twigs, and other nature droppings to accumulate on your deck. Take a broom to the easily moved fragments and give your deck a thorough sweep. For the tough stuff like tree sap and hardened mud, use a power washer or a scrub brush with a commercially available deck cleaning solution to eliminate unattractive stains as well. Regular cleanings not only improve your property’s curb appeal, but they help preserve your deck, too.

Cosmetic touch-ups
Be on the lookout for exposed nails and splintered ends. After these are removed and everything is smoothened out, you may want to consider painting or staining the deck to increase the wood’s protection against the elements. This is a slow and painstaking process so make sure you’ve got the time for it. This would make a perfect summer home improvement project to take on with the family.

Give your deck a check-up
If you notice the deck swinging and swaying with no wind blowing, the deck definitely needs to be inspected. Shaky handrails and loose deck beams are only the beginning. Check the integrity of joints and beams, and look for any rotting wood. A deck is like a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link—if one of the railings fail, the rest are sure to follow since they are all connected. Rotting posts and beams should be reinforced or replaced immediately.

If you aren’t handy with a hammer, it’s advisable to consult experienced businesses like Schafer Construction, which specialize in deck repair for Oakland and Bay Area homes. The company can complete the repairs and maintenance work in the nick of time for that barbecue you’ve been planning with the neighbors this weekend.

(Source: “The Best Deck Maintenance Tips”, 14 May 2014, Ask Fred)

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