Does a Deck Add Value to Your Home?

When you choose to put your house up for sale, one big question on your mind will be, how to add greater appeal and increase the home’s value. Depending on your budget and the time you have available, your home makeover choices are many. For example, you can renovate your bathrooms or even add a bathroom, build a garage, do a paint refresh—inside and outside, update the landscaping, or add an outdoor oasis. Yes, adding a deck to your home can increase its value when you resell. Before you make a materials list and head down to the lumber yard, choose a deck builder in Piedmont to ensure your new add-on is built to increase your property’s value and be safe.

4 Ways Adding a Deck May Increase Your Home’s Value

You won’t go wrong when you choose to add a wooden or composite deck to your home. Not only will you increase the value of your house, but you can reap additional rewards. Here are four ways a deck addition may benefit you and your property:

  1. You May Recoup Almost 100% of Your Investment: There are many different ways to enhance your property’s value, but where you see more value is in return on investment. Adding a room addition is much more expensive than a deck, and you may not see more than 50% ROI when you sell your home. The most cost-effective option is to add a deck where it is less expensive to install, but you can see a return of 80%-100% when selling.
  2. You Increase Your Home’s Usable Space: It’s like a room addition to your house without the added expense. In temperate regions, homeowners love the increased space that gives them many chances for parties and gatherings while viewing the gorgeous scenery. No more cramped kitchens for guests to hover in waiting for the host to finish making dinner.
  3. You Can Appeal to Buyers’ Requirements: Each generation has its expectations and requirements for the homes they buy. The majority of homebuyers, especially the Millennials, list a deck as a must-have in their search.
  4. You Build Memories: This option doesn’t tie directly to your home’s resale, but it does boost value. When you build a deck, you pave the way to building fond memories and strengthening relationships through time spent in your outdoor oasis. That is an investment worth more than any other.
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Recoup Your Investment – Choose the Experienced Schafer Construction Team

Get better returns on your investment when you hire Schafer Construction as your deck builder in the Piedmont area. Our experienced crew has the know-how to create an outdoor haven ready for family gatherings. We will also conduct regular inspections to ensure the structure’s safety. If you need some maintenance or repair work, we can help. Then, when the time comes, you can recoup your investment when you sell.

Enjoy many years from your outdoor haven when you choose to work with the Bay Area’s top deck builder, Schafer Construction Inc. We have the experience to build many different styles from island platform decks to elevated wood decks. We have over 30 years of experience ready to make your dreams come to reality while increasing your property’s buyer appeal.

Call Schafer Construction at 510-339-9100 or contact us online. Homeowners across Piedmont and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on our skilled and experienced team for their deck construction, inspection, and repair needs.

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